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Peter Fredell

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Chief Executive Officer

Peter Fredell was one of the first employees at OMX, then named OM, when the Swedish Option Market started its operations in 1985. After that he held various senior positions in trading derivatives in the Swedish market. In 1987 he joined Bank Leu, then the largest private bank in Switzerland, as chief trader for derivatives. Subsequently he got hired at Bankers Trust as head over their French equity and derivatives trading. After this he was promoted to head all markets in Europe other than France, Germany, and the UK.

In 1992, Fredell left Bankers Trust to set up his own investment banking boutique, Fredell & Co. Fredell & Co quickly became one of the pre-eminent players in the European asset backed debt market. Another successful part of Fredell & Co was their emerging markets operations with notable mandates in Russia, Lebanon, Georgia, the Czech republic, and Hungary.

In the late nineties, Fredell & Co together with ABB, The Belgian Government (GIMV) and Bouwfonds (ABN-Amro) set up the internet-based mortgage lender EuropeLoan S.A. Europeloan quickly established itself in five European countries and at its peak handled approximately one hundred thousand applications per month. In the beginning of the new century, Fredell acquired Europeloan Finance SA including all outstanding mortgages, about 3,5 Billion SEK. In connection with thi,s Fredell & Co reshaped itself as an investment company. Since then Fredell & Co has made various successful investment, and divestments, in the financial and technological space.

In 2006 Seamless did their IPO on the Swedish First North Stock exchange. Fredell was then one of the major investors. Over the years, Fredell has accumulated shares and is today the largest owner of Seamless. He joined the board of Seamless in 2009 and was appointed as CEO of the company in 2011.